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Early Childhood Development

Early Childhood Development is the all-round development of our children to help them to further develop into childhood and adulthood. The development of babies, toddlers and young children form the foundation for all further development that a child undergoes. Childcare services (day-care, pre-school, etc.) represent much more than a drop-off location for working parents, they play a very important part in the development of children.

They give children an opportunity to engage in a variety of educational and social activities. During early childhood rapid development (physical, cognitive and emotional) takes place, this development is crucial in readying children for school. Children who are ready for school will be friendly, confident, and social; they will have good peer relationships, language skills and they will communicate well. School-ready children will be less likely to fail a grade and will perform better overall.
In South Africa Early Childhood Development (ECD) is a priority and is supported by legislation, national policies and strategies

  1. IN WHAT FIELD CAN I USE EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT (PRE-SCHOOL FACILITATOR)?   Community-based services ,                                                                             School-based , ECD centres, Home care, Learning institutions.
  2. WHAT WILL I BE ABLE TO DO?                                                                                                                                - Plan and prepare for Early Childhood Development.                                                                   -Facilitate and monitor the development of babies, toddlers and young children.                 -Provide care and support to babies, toddlers and young children.                                           -Mediate active learning in an integrated and holistic learning programme.                           -Facilitate learning and development of children with barriers to learning and other special needs, including those coping with abuse and violence, within an inclusive anti-bias approach.

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