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Post Graduate Diploma
in Education and Training

This Professional Graduate Diploma in Education is for graduates who want to become teachers in the primary or secondary sector. The one-year programme is the route to qualified teacher status. The programme aims to educate graduates so that they develop the capacity to become transformative teachers who make a positive impact on the outcomes of learners and have the capacity to become future leaders in the profession. To this end, the programme focuses on teaching student teachers to use their powerful subject knowledge to create interesting, relevant and progressive teaching.
The programme seeks to ensure that student teachers have both a theoretical and practical knowledge of how to teach, in order to meet the needs and interests of young people.
Furthermore, the programme seeks to develop the ability of student teachers to think and act reflectively and reflexively to a high level.
A key focus of the programme is on social justice and what this means for practitioners in terms of how they think about their teacher identity and what and how they teach within and across their subject disciplines.


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